Why Partner?

  • Business integrity with the offer of partnership for successful ideas
  • A dedicated innovation team to support and develop your idea
  • A track record of success and continued pursuit of innovation
  • Global reach, established routes to market, business and development assets
  • Upfront research and market feasibility testing
  • Fast informed decision making
  • Key business functions operating in parallel
  • Emphasis on the customer; turning ideas and needs into opportunities
  • We offer fast, dynamic and rapid feedback
  • We work with you in an open and transparent way

You may be asked to provide further detailed business information once we have been in contact with you which would include:

  • A complete Business Plan
  • Relevant resumes for you and key members of your management team
  • Detailed financial projections and cash flow that support your concept/business model
  • Personal and business references

With our long-term focus, our global reach and our commitment to excellence, JSP can be the partner you seek.